PVC-Cables / Wires

Grade: Calcined Grades

Product: ASHACAB

Kaolin is used as functional additive (or Filler) in Cable / Wire Industry. Particularly it is added in cable processing having chemistry of EPDM & PVC.Demand for such kind of formulations is finer product in terms of ‘particle size distribution’. This additive helps in enhancement of electrical properties through direct improvement in VR & IR properties. This inert material helps in improving the mechanical properties, rheological properties& resistance properties as well. Depending on type of formulation (Low / Medium / High Voltage), doses levels are determined.



  • Ashacab is a ‘Metakaolin’ product which is right fit for cables / wires formulation as a ‘Functional Additive’ / Filler.
  • Product is produced through process which gives fine particle size distribution and hence, ensures faster dispersibility and uniform distribution in polymer matrix. This helps in enhancement of physical properties for polymers.
  • Product helps in improvement of IR & VR properties (Wet & Dry conditions)


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