Grade: Calcined Grades

Product: Metax-RX

High-reactivity metakaolin is a highly processed reactive aluminosilicate pozzolan, a finely divided material that reacts with slaked lime at ordinary temperature and in the presence of moisture to form a strong, slow-hardening cement. It is formed by calcining purified kaolinite, generally between 6500-7000C in an extremely fired rotary kiln. It helps for acceleration in the hydration of ordinary Portland cement and its major effect can be seen within 24 Hours. It reduces deterioration of concrete by ‘Alkali Silica Reaction’. The product is considered to have twice the reactivity of most other pozzolans & replaces 8-20% Portland cement by weight.

Use of product offers following benefits:-

  • Increased compressive & flexural strengths.
  • Reduced Permeability.
  • Reduced potential for Efflorescence.
  • Increased resistance to chemical attack.
  • Increased durability.
  • Reduced effect of ASR.
  • Reduced shrinkage.


  • Metax-RX is a fine particle size distribution product designed by taking in to consideration the requirement of high reactivity meta kaolin.
  • Product gives excellent pozzolanic properties with its lime reactivity value in range of 800-1000 (Chapelle Test)
  • Product helps in replacing 8-15% of OPC on weight basis.
  • Product offers a good combination of Brightness, PSD & high lime reactivity value.
  • Product can be used as valuable admixture for concrete / cement applications.
  • Product is recommended to use in following: -
    • High Performance, High strength & Lightweight concrete.
    • Precast & poured-mold concrete.
    • Glass fiber reinforced concrete.
    • Mortar & Stucco.


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