Ashapura - An integral part of life...every moment - every day!

With a legacy of more than 60 years, Ashapura is a leading multi-mineral solutions provider with a global footprint, having a wide network of operations in several states within India and in other countries.

Aboout Ashapura

Social Responsibility

The land, the people and the society that have sustained Ashapura and its transformation deserve an equal amount of affection and indulgence. The group has created institutions and infrastructure for the amelioration and development of rural education, women and child development, vocational training, local arts, culture and history.

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National Footprint

    • New Delhi
    • Jaipur
    • Paddhar
    • Hamla
    • Baraya
    • Dwarka
    • Jamshedpur
    • Kolkata
    • Bhubaneswar
    • Bangalore
    • Mumbai
    • Chennai

Global Footprint

    • Belgium
    • China
    • Guinea
    • Indonesia
    • Oman
    • Malaysia
    • Singapore
    • South Korea
    • UAE

Domain Leadership

  • World's 3rd LARGEST producer of BENTONITE
  • One of the LARGEST producer of KAOLIN
  • World's 3rd LARGEST producer of BLEACHING CLAY
  • India's LARGEST Exporter of over 17 MINERALS


Ashapura Minechem Limited

278, Jeeven Udyog Building, Dr D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai, India - 400 001

Tel: +91-22-6665 1700